Hidden Jewels: Hellebores

A little taste of spring…lovely photographs and an informative discussion of these hardy additions to your garden. We all need a reminder that this snow will melt, eventually, and reveal such treasures in the warmer months. Until then….

Forest Garden

February 24, 2014 snowdrops 027

Hellebores shyly begin to grow in the middle of winter, sending up fresh new leaves and flower scapes under cover of their sturdy, evergreen leaves left standing from the previous season.    These thick, protective leaves offer cover from freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and winter winds.

January 26 2014 ice 004Hellebores in late January, finally emerging from several inches of snow.

Although they may begin to look a bit ragged by February, hellebores leaves are still vibrantly green in our garden.  It is only when these long, thick  leaves are finally cut away that the dazzling jewel like buds of the new season’s flowers finally shine.

Within just a few days of taking away the cover of old leaves, light reaches the new growth causing it to lengthen and the buds to open.  With the old foliage gone, the new flowers and leaves can fill out the display.

February 24, 2014 snowdrops 011

Hellebores are hardy perennials, growing in moist…

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5 thoughts on “Hidden Jewels: Hellebores

      • Christine, What wonderful news! And what a powerful witness to your colleagues and student to return to work this year, well on your way to total healing. I’m so happy for you. I didn’t comment on your previous post- there aren’t words to express how much I admire you, and how deeply you have touched me with the stories you tell of those who shared this part of your journey. I know you hold them all in your heart as you pick up your life and continue on. I hope spring finds you soon, Christine. Love and hugs, WG

      • 😉 We support one another. Hope this beautiful weekend has been good to you, as you prepare to return to school tomorrow. Let love carry you through the day. Hugs, WG

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