World Cancer Day: Debunking The Cancer Myths

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Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

mythsToday is World Cancer Day, a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease.  The focus of this year’s campaign is on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the tagline “Debunk the myths”.

I am guessing that many of you reading this already know how to separate the myths from reality, but just in case someone is new to this, let’s get some of the most persistent myths banished once and for all.

  • Deodorant does not cause breast cancer, nor does wearing an underwire bra.
  • Most breast cancer is not hereditary – actually, only 5- 10% of breast cancer is due to a family history of the disease.
  • A lump in my breast means I have cancer – not necessarily; breast tissue is changing all the time…

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