Hidden Jewels: Hellebores

Originally posted on Forest Garden:
Hellebores shyly begin to grow in the middle of winter, sending up fresh new leaves and flower scapes under cover of their sturdy, evergreen leaves left standing from the previous season.    These thick, protective leaves offer cover from freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and winter winds. Hellebores in late January, finally…

Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth….

I sat at the table, hungrily devouring warm shepherd’s pie and a hunk of salty Cabot Vermont cheese; but my spirit was in Rome…wandering amid the statues and ruins, dancing in a train of grotesque and yet-familiar revelers to the throbbing of techno-music, silently gliding beneath ancient stone bridges…gazing into the cloudy eyes of a […]

Charles Nelson Reilly Strikes Again!

  “Laughter is the best medicine — unless you’re diabetic, then insulin comes pretty high on the list.”                                                                                                                                               Joseph Carrott   I love funny anything…movies, books, songs…but, especially, people.  I have often gotten in trouble for being funny at the wrong times; which only increases the chance that I will be a snorting – wailing […]

World Cancer Day: Debunking The Cancer Myths

Originally posted on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer :
Today is World Cancer Day, a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease.  The focus of this year’s campaign is on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the…