A Gift, and Tuesday Snapshots

Such lovely photographs and artful prose….a gift in itself!

Forest Garden

This beautiful pot, full of primroses, came into our lives on Sunday afternoon.

Brought by skilled and loving hands, it touches us deeply, as it is a gift from the heart.

The pot has a long history.  It came with our friends from their home in Northern Ireland many years ago.  They’ve had it all this time, waiting, and made a gift of it to us this Christmas.  It is a round terra cotta pot, wrapped in the deep, strong roots of an ancient ivy plant, and covered with moss.  It speaks to every romantic notion of the beautiful land of Northern Ireland.

The flowers are English primroses, a very popular plant in the British Isles.  Native to western Europe, Northwestern Africa, and Southwestern Asia, Primula vulgaris naturalize easily there; where the weather is mild and moist.  Primroses are one of the earliest flowering perennials each spring.  Their jewel like…

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