As someone who took a “hiatus” from mammograms only to discover cancer, may I suggest that you opt for routine screening…so you too can enjoy many more holiday seasons to come…


According to a European study, it was found that out of every 1000 females between the age groups of 50 to 70 who opt for a mammogram once in every 2 years, 7 to 9 lives will be saved. For this same number of females, there could be 4 cases of over diagnosis and one breast cancer is detected, which would have otherwise gone undetected during the lifetime

The importance of periodic screening mammograms has always been a cause of debate, as there are some doubts over the results and their real life implications. It is also suggested by the U.S Preventive Services Tax Force that the routine screening for breast cancer should be recommended to women at the age of 50, not 40, especially for the ones at the risk of developing the disease. These recommended changes, however, remain controversial and are not universally adopted.

As far as theā€¦

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