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A shining example….why not add your glow?

Project Light to Life


Hi lovely readers!

I decided it might be fun, right before the holidays, if we do a project that will  hopefully make the world just a little brighter.

So if you’re interested in bringing yourself some fun holiday cheer, follow these simple steps:

1). Check out this incredible list of holiday acts of kindness that this radio station came up with, my “Kind Acts & Volunteering Bucket List”, or come up with your own kind act, and send a photo of you (or if friends, family, children, etc join in with you, include them in the photo too!) doing the act, along with a short paragraph describing what you did, how it brightened your holiday, and how you think it might have brightened another person’s (or peoples’) holiday(s) to my inbox at the Facebook page Project Light to Life.

2). After I receive your message, I will assign you…

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